Couple and Wedding



Your love is special, one of a kind.

Your memories deserve to be special too.

My name is Mike and I am a wedding photographer who does things a little different. I am not only a skilled professional, but I truly care about you and your memories.

I believe that every love is different, one of a special kind. Therefore, unlike other photographers of "wedding factories", I make effort to give every couple a unique photoshoot of their dreams.  Instead of just following trends, I will listen to your ideas and vision to capture the true love between the two of you. I hope that, even when you look at your photos after long years, you will remember the feeling of this special day.


Passionate. Vibrant. Graceful. 

Your memories are in good hands.

After doing over a hundred photoshoots in and outside of Tokyo, I have learned how to satisfy every idea my guest might have. I know about 100 locations around the city, including both extravagant studios and quiet city parks. Do not worry about the weather and other details: I have everything covered. Also, rest assured that your photos will look amazing, as I am an expert in retouching photos and I will take care of any possible trouble.  You are leaving your photos in hands of professional.

Your big day does not have to be stresfull.

Enjoy it, and leave the rest to me.

This is a special time with a special person for you, and you want everything to go right. My goal is to show you, that a photoshoot with your loved one will not only give you beautiful photos but it can also become a wonderful experience. Every smile and every hug will not be a photography pose, but a real expression of your love towards each other. Sounds great? I will help you to achieve that!


Witnessing love is my greatest blessing as a photographer.

Capturing your love will be my greatest honour.

Mike Mocarski

Tokyo date photoshoot