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Summer-Summary : Twenty-Twenty

Welcome to the first Seasonal Summary of Seasonal Photoart Tokyo! Today I hope to share with you some of my experience working over the past few months, thoughts about being a photographer during coronavirus crisis in Japan, and of course some of my favourite photographs of the season.

Great thanks to Sayaka for this amazing photo

Some explanations at the beginning. This year, summer means the time from June to late August. I am not going to talk about all photoshoots I did for this post would get really, really long. So if your photos aren't here: no worries, I might be planning to feature them another time in the future :)

Rainy Season: June - July

Late May to early June we were all beginning to get out of homes and trying to adapt to the new reality around us. The rainy season was beginning, so I had to move some of my photoshoots indoors. The first one was with Kyo-chan in the superpopular Tokyo International Forum.

What do you feel when you see these photos?

We didn't really have a concept for this session, I honestly just wanted to shoot after two months break. But we ended up with images giving the feeling of isolation and loneliness. Is it because we were isolated for so long?

It's amazing how our emotions can impact the art we create.

To contrast this, let's talk about couples. For obvious reasons, this summer was not a very popular time for date photoshoots... But the sessions we did were amazing! I was lucky to work with two wonderful pairs full of love and dedication. Just look at them🥺

I'm dead😍

During couple photoshoots, my priority is always to make both sides comfortable and happy. This way I can get a true portrait of their happiness❤

There were two more rainy season sessions I'd love to mention here. First was meeting with my top friend and top model Yoyo. We weren't planning a photoshoot but I brought my camera just in case😂

Dat pose!

Hanging out in Akasaka, literally at the same time we noticed a flower bush and at the same time we suggested to shoot there😂 This is why I love shooting with Yoyo: it's always fun and we understand each other's vision perfectly.

The second photoshoot was one of the highlights of my year. Together with my friends: Sue, Eric, and V we went to Nikko to create the dreamiest photoshoot I've done so far.

Check my Instagram @mikemocar to see more photos from this session!

Some people pointed out how we mixed Chinese and Japanese elements, but this mix helped us to get the dreamy feeling we were aiming for. I was inspired by Benzaiten, which is one of the Japanese Seven Lucky God, often presented wearing Indian and Chinese clothing.

We were planning to even bring anb instrument but couldn't transport it safely.

It was a wonderful experience to be able to focus on a photoshoot for a whole day with a fantastic model and a tremendous team. Can't wait to do it again!

Hot Season: August

Coronavirus numbers started growing in Tokyo around the end of July, which meant that I had to get more creative with planning coming photoshoots. There were two solutions: using locations that are not popular, or leaving Tokyo and shooting in less crowded areas. I did both😉

Great thanks to Khamida for this amazing photshoot

August was all about the interaction between the model and environment. While this is true with most of my portraits, it definitely peaked last summer, while in Fall I'm moving back to studio sessions.

Getting white flowers was a good idea. Asking Sohpie to work with me was a great idea!

Sunflower photoshoot is one of seasonal must's in Japan. This summer I skipped Hydrangeas and later I missed Cosmos and Red Spired Lilly's, so I'm very happy to have done at least this one.

My only photoshoot with a guy model this summer(more coming in Fall I promise😅). You can see that Nao's expressions are more reserved and minimalistic. It's great to work with an actor because he can easily create any facial expression to suit the photo.

Last, but not least, was a winery-themed photoshoot with Qiao. The location was so mesmerizing with shapes and colours, we just enjoyed shooting there, matching outfits with colours, and poses with lines and circles. Amazing!

I'd like to thank all of my amazing models, guests, clients, assistants, kind people who help and support me every day. You give me the energy to keep going and create. Thank you❤

Please free to contact me here or dm me on Instagram. The Momiji (Autumn Leaves) season is coming up, so let me know if you're interested in joining. Cheers!


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