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What will you regret the most as you grow older?

This question has been following me since, in my mid-twenties, I’ve discovered my first strand of grey hair. At the time, I was pursuing my Master's degree, learning languages, and preparing to enter the job market. I had good chances to enter a reputable company, or I could dedicate myself to study and become a world-class researcher. I really wanted to contribute my skills and knowledge, and even if just a little, make the world a better place.


But seeing my reflection in the mirror becoming older every day, I’ve realised that I was not living the life of my dreams. My mind was overwhelmed with expectations that society was placing upon me. My family relations deteriorated, and so did my self-esteem. Days were blending together like I was living someone else’s life. 


My light in this immense darkness was photography. While it’s been my hobby for years, eventually it has become my way of life. Photography reminded me that you cannot live the same moment twice. There are no two same sunsets, and every year’s cherry blossoms are different. Time changes everything: our world, our looks, our relationships. The only way to stop it is to capture it in a photograph that will last forever.


The decision to become a professional photographer felt like the first decision I had made on my own will in years. It wasn’t easy, considering how risky being an artist can be in our times. But against all odds, I invested my time, effort, and money to live a life of my dreams doing things I love.


Now I want to share this experience with you. I want to help you connect with people you love and share your happiness with others. I want to support you and your art on the way to achieving your dreams. And most importantly, I want to give you a fantastic experience you can remember through your photographs.


And if I do all of this, don’t you think I can, even just a little, make the world a better place?


Thank you for always supporting me,

Mike Mocarski

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